AMuSE on tour
AMuSE on tour
Dana Engel (European Academy of Bozen-Bolzano) participated in the 3rd LINEE+ International Conference on “Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Space and Time” which took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 28 to 30 April 2014, and presented her work-in-progress on “Concepts for Managing Multilingualism at Schools in South Tyrol”.
As an established event that provides an influential international forum for discussion on theory and practice in multilingualism research and wider issues of diversity, the biennal LINEE+ conference again proved to be a perfect platform for continuous re-thinking across disciplines with regard to research in multilingualism as well as widening the debate on linguistic as well as cultural diversity. This year’s conference focused on the topics of Historical Multilingualism, Commodification of languages, Material life, Social visions and divisions, and Neurolinguistics of Multilingualism. Keynote speakers included Alexandre Duchêne, Rita Franceschini, Jubin Abutalebi, Peter Auer, and Clare Mar-Molinero.
The conference was followed by a 3-day PhD training workshop in Multilingualism Research where the focus was on linguistic diversity in a multidisciplinary and multidimensional setting. In a relaxed and personal atmosphere at the Inter-University Centre, 18 international PhD students could discuss their theses with internationally renowned experts, strengthen their networks with colleagues and gain further competences - not only in terms of theory and methodology but also in terms of motivation and personal involvement.
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