A further step towards multilingualism at schools
A further step towards multilingualism at schools
From March 16 – 17 2015, the final conference of the AMuSE project took place at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. In line with the aims of the project, the conference revolved around questions of how multilingualism can be promoted at schools and in teacher education. A particular focus was put on languages of “newly arrived pupils” (from the Swedish expression “nyanlända elever”) and how their different first and heritage languages are represented at schools. The conference was organized by Tore Otterup and his team at the University of Gothenburg and featured a range of high-profile keynote speakers who discussed issues of educational policy and practice as well as current challenges of mother tongue instruction at Swedish schools. Further perspectives were offered in a talk on the status of Irish education in Ireland and in a range of workshops, showcasing the situation in the different countries of the AMuSE team members. The diverse programme of the event was rounded off by poster presentations and market stalls, which represented different initiatives and projects that provide resources for multilingual education. Musical entertainment and a reception in a historical palace sponsored by the City of Gothenburg contributed to the nice and constructive atmosphere among the audience, which consisted mostly of teachers, educators, principals, academics, and policy makers in the field of education. More information on the conference can be found at the conference website (http://svenska.gu.se/english/research/conference/ffsu-2015).
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